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Junior Lessons

Private lessons with our staff are the best way to improve the game of your junior golfer. Whether your child is brand new to the game of golf, or an experienced tournament player looking to play golf in college, our academy has the instructor to help them accomplish their goals.  

Junior golfers require a different skill set from their instructor to help them maximize their potential and to help make the game more fun.  Our staff are certified by U.S. Kids Golf as experts in teaching the game of golf to the next generation.  Utilizing the best instructional technology on the market is a staple at the Stephens Golf Academy. All four of our climate controlled teaching bays are equipped with V1 Pro HD, the golf industry’s #1 High speed video system. With this system, each of our teachers uses Boditrak pressure mat. The Boditrak allows us to measure how a student distributes the pressure in their feet during the golf swing. Understanding and improving the way we distribute pressure throughout the swing leads to a more powerful efficient swing with greater consistency.

Available with Andrew Stephens and Sara Stephens is Trackman radar and K-Vest 3D Motion Analysis. For more detailed information on all of our available technologies, please click on the technology tab above.

What is included with a single lesson?

  • Climate controlled private instruction in one of our four teaching bays
  • Use of the short game facility during the lesson
  • Personalized V1 Locker accessible through
  • Custom 2-4 minute lesson recap video sent to the student’s email, cell phone, and V1 locker. The videos include before and after videos, as well as applicable customized drills to help the student’s progress. These videos are permanently stored in a student’s locker and can be viewed as often as desired. Click V1 student login and ‘sample lesson’ for an example of this video.
  • Complimentary practice balls prior to the lesson and range balls during the lesson

Instructor Rates

Andrew Stephens

  • Junior (Under 18) 45 Minute lesson- $70
  • Junior 30 Minute Lesson-$45

Sara Stephens

  • Junior (Under 18) 45 Minute Lesson- $60
  • Junior 30 Minute Lesson-$35
  • Little Linkster Lesson (Ages 2-6) 20 minute Lesson- $25

Jeff Kruempelman

  • Junior (Under 18) 45 Minute Lesson- $50

Jerod Cahill

  • Junior (Under 18) 45 Minute Lesson- $45

Carter Hibbard

  • Junior (Under 18) 45 Minute Lesson- $35
  • Junior 30 Minute Lesson-$25